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Within the Dobie Band community, parent support is a key element!!!

It is necessary not only in order for the program to thrive, but is essential to its survival. High school band is a time-intensive, co-curricular activity that requires much coordination of scheduling on behalf of both the student and the parent as there are many rehearsals, performances, contests, and other events that take place outside school hours and on weekends. It takes a significant amount of effort from parents to get their student(s) from Point A to Point B and also to help ensure they have everything they need for rehearsals and performances.


The old adage, "It takes a village to raise a child," certainly applies, for the amount of effort required to field a marching band of 200+ students would not be possible without the incredible volunteer support of our band parents!


In any activity that serves literally hundreds on students and parents, communication is key. We frequently have a great deal of information that needs to be received by parents and students, and we realize that information given directly to students does not necessarily make it home to the parents. To help narrow the communication gap, and save a few trees along the way, we tend to rely more on electronic means of communication rather than sending copies with students (which often only make it as far as the back of their band locker...).​

Here are the ways that you can stay connected:

  • BAND App - The BAND app is one of our primary means to get messages to students and parents directly on their smartphones in a Facebook-style format! The band calendar is linked to the app, we are able to post PDF documents, pictures, and videos, and there is a public chat room to exchange information with one another! We require all students to join the Dobie Longhorn Band group on BAND, and strongly encourage all parents to join as well! Please see details below.  

  • E-Mail - We frequently send out emails through our Charms system. If you are not receiving these, please email Mr. Erickson and let him know. Please include your name, your student's name, and your preferred email address.

  • Note: The Charms system has some difficulty with Yahoo email accounts. If you use Yahoo as your primary email account, we suggest opening a secondary account with a different service (Google's Gmail, for example) and having it automatically forwarded to your primary account. We will be adding the students' PISD email addresses to their Charms profile to ensure that they, too, are receiving information sent by email. Please remind your student to check their PISD email regularly!

  • Band Parent Organization - joining the Dobie Band Parent Organization (BPO) is another way to stay connected. The Dobie BPO meets regularly and communicates using the latest Google Workspace technologies. For more information on the Dobie BPO Click Here!


When signing up for BAND, please use your FIRST and LAST name.
No Nicknames, Please!

Parents, please also tell us who you belong to:
ex. Jennifer Bandparent (John's mom)
BAND App Portal
Join the Dobie Longhorn Band Group at BAND:

Join BAND using your Computer:

  • Click the button below to join:

Join BAND using your Phone/Tablet:

  • Download the BAND app

  • Search for Dobie Longhorn Band and request to join!

  • OR…You may scan the QR code below:

BAND App QR Code

Download BAND Now

BAND App - Apple App Store Download
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