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We provide instruments for those students that play specialty color instruments or particularly large instruments as their primary or secondary instrument, including:

  • Piccolo (determined by director)

  • Oboe

  • Bassoon

  • Bass Clarinet

  • Tenor Sax (determined by director)

  • Baritone Sax (determined by director)

  • F Horn/Marching Mellophone

  • Bass Trombone (determined by director)

  • Euphonium/Marching Baritone

  • Tuba/Sousaphone

  • Percussion

Students needing school-owned instruments may check them out during open band hall hours per their availability (most instruments go out for repair at the beginning of summer). The band directors will announce when instruments are available. Due to limited quantities, percussion instruments are not available for individual check-out. 

All students that play a school-owned instrument (including percussionists) MUST pay the $30.00 Pasadena ISD Instrument Protection Plan each year they are in band. This basically works like an insurance policy should any accidental damage occur to the instrument under normal conditions. The Instrument Protection Plan does not cover damage from neglect or abuse. The $30.00 must be paid CASH ONLY at the time the instrument is checked out. 

Please print and fill out the top part of the Instrument Protection Plan form (the band directors will fill in the details for your specific instrument). Student and parent must sign and date, and turn in when checking-out your instrument. You may download the form here.

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