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In order to maintain a level of activity that provides the students with a variety of performance and competitive opportunities, the Dobie Band must rely on resources outside of those provided by the school district. The reality is that, without additional funding, we would barely be able to operate as a competitive band program.


Therefore, it is necessary to charge the students a fee for participation in band and colorguard. Through the fundraising efforts of the Dobie Band Parents Organization (BPO), we are able to keep our band fees reasonable, and well below those of band programs in neighboring communities that maintain a similar level of activity.


A portion of the fees are administered by the Dobie BPO, and are used to cover many of the operating costs of the band, including: Contest Fees, Marching Show Design, Music Arranging Fees, Music Licensing Fees, Props, Field Audio System, Consultants, Clinicians, Instructional Staff, Food, Uniform Cleaning & Maintenance, Band Trailer Maintenance, Specialty Equipment, etc. The remaining portion of the fees are administered by Dobie High School, and are used to offset transportation costs and office expenses (paper and copier toner for music copying, concert programs, laminating sleeves, cardstock, lanyards, etc.).


Members of the Dobie Band, and Colorguard programs are required to have certain items, used during marching season and throughout the year, that ARE NOT included in the yearly band/colorguard fees. These items are purchased when a student first enters the program, and will thereafter only be replaced as needed (lost, outgrown, or worn out).


These items include: activewear/dri-fit for under uniform, uniform bag (custom with initials), marching shoes, colorguard gloves, dance shoes, etc. Additional non-required items such as duffel bags (custom with initials) are available for purchase as well. All merchandise must be ordered at Registration Night the first week of August (see calendar for specific dates/times). 


Charms is an online management tool designed especially for high school and college music programs. For the band program, it serves as an online database for student information, inventory, music library, fundraising, sending mass communications, and accounting. For parents, it provides immediate access to their student's band financial statement. Follow the instructions at the bottom of the page to log on to Charms.

For more information, please click here to contact our Charms Administration team.

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