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Recognized as "The Pride of the South Belt!" students of the Dobie Longhorn Band program gain invaluable experiences that they will carry with them for the rest of their lives. They have many opportunities to hone desirable soft skills and concepts including Leadership, Selflessness, and Teamwork. They also practice the ability to set and achieve Agentic and Communal goals. These life skills benefit our band students long after they have left high school and will prepare them for a future of success in college, their chosen career, business, and even family life.

Dobie Colorgaurd

The Dobie band's financial need has never been greater.

Due to many factors out of our control, the costs of keeping the band program running have continuously increased. To keep our program growing and thriving, the Dobie Band Parent Organization (BPO) manages multiple methods of fundraising to augment the limited funds allocated by the school district. Even so, our fundraising efforts often fall short. This is a prime opportunity for your company/business to support a worthy organization while promoting your corporate brand! Further, this is a chance to broaden the visibility of your company and spread brand awareness for your organization.

With your generous support, we can more fully realize the vision that our director's have for each and every student in the band program. Below, are multiple ways in which you and/or your company can have a positive impact in our community. Feel free to participate in one or more of them!

For more information, please click her to send an email to our Corporate Sponsorship team.


Our Corporate Sponsorship Program offers multiple support tiers with valuable benefits to those who choose to sponsor. From $100 - $2,500, you are sure to find a level that works right for you! Click here to learn more.


Corporate Match is a generic term for what your company may have available to sponsor an employee's contributions to a non-profit. This might come in the form of a dollar-for-dollar "match" or some variation of that. It might come as a monetary donation directly related to an employee's volunteer hours. Please check with your Human Resources team for more information. Make sure you tell them that the Dobie Band Parent Organization is a 501(c)(3) non-profit.​


Proper hydration is an integral component in life and is essential to the health of our band students on and off the performance field. Donations of one or more multipacks of bottled water (500 mL) are constantly sought and are always in demand. If you wish to donate water to the band, please contact our Donations Team via email.


Our band performs at every Dobie football game. Often our students will never go home before heading off to a game and find themselves in need of dinner. They will also participate in competitions that last one or more days throughout the year. With more than 200 students and volunteers, one can easily imagine that keeping the band properly fed with nutritious food is a logistical challenge and a huge cost to our organization. We offer opportunities to sponsor food for one or more students at a specific event, event day, or event meal. For more details click here to contact our Band Sponsorship Team.


The Dobie Horn Herd is a type of sponsorship, that covers the student's band fundraising goal of $350, plus a $100 donation to the band. This sponsorship includes the following:

  • Two (2) Horn Herd Car Decals

  • "Spirit Ad" in Football Program

    • An ad with all Horn Herd "spirit lines" is placed in the Dobie Football program. (For example, "Good Luck at UIL Dobie Band! from the Smith Family."

    • The total cost is $450. 


This may also qualify for a matching donation from your company. Please check with your Human Resources team for more information. Make sure you tell them that the Dobie Band Parent Organization is a 501(c)(3) non-profit.​

Dobie Marching Band
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